Key Contacts Information

    TAHU Legislative Messaging for Key Contacts:

    Help us reinforce local connections with state legislators.

    Maintaining relationships with your lawmakers and statewide officials is crucial and helps TAHU get important information directly to the source.

    Become a grassroots Key Contact!  Click HERE to join the program!

    As a key contact volunteer for TAHU, you may be asked to:

    • Discuss the purpose and the mission of our association with your state Senator and/or Representative, and share how you are involved.
    • Be available to contact and share the issues TAHU’s membership may currently be facing. Our four legislative priorities are: Cost, Quality, Access, and Choice. Our priority bills will fall into one of those buckets.
    • Provide feedback to TAHU’s Legislative team if/when you have communicated.


    STEP 1: START HERE and get plugged in with 3 easy steps:

    1. Find your legislator. Click on this link, input your address:
    2. Copy the section with your TEXAS Representative and Senator
    3. Paste it in an email to [email protected] along with your home address.


    Tips for contacting your legislator to book a Day At the Capitol appointment:

    Calling your legislator:

    • The most effective contact is in writing. But when time is of the essence and an action is scheduled to take place quickly, it is recommended that you call your legislator.
    • When the legislature is in session, call the Capitol office. Otherwise, call their district office. These are available at and
    • When calling, ask to speak to the legislative aide handling insurance policy. An aide can be and important ally. Don’t feel slighted if you cannot speak to the representative. Many times, they are on the floor voting.
    • Be sure to first state that you are a constituent; then identify yourself and your company.
    • Clearly identify the bill number and issue you wish to discuss. If you’re calling about TAHU’s Day at the Capitol, tell them that.
    • Explain how the proposed legislation impacts you, your business, the community and your industry. Clearly state why you support or oppose the legislation.
    • Ask for the legislator’s position on the particular bill. If you disagree, provide facts that support your position. Try not to be argumentative, but just informative.
    • Request that the legislator take a specific action on the bill.
    • Thank the aide for their time and willingness to consider your views.
    • Ask for the elected official and his senior staff’s phone and email to communicate during long floor debate sessions.


    Scheduling and appointment with your legislator

    • Ask to speak to the representative’s/senator’s scheduler.
    • When you reach him or her, introduce yourself and state that you’re an independent agent or broker, and a constituent (if applicable).
    • State that you’d like to meet with him or her briefly to discuss issues facing insurance agents. Generally, the legislator will have limited time, especially during the legislative session, so it’s important to iterate that you’d like to meet briefly.
    • Give the scheduler a window of time that you’ll have available.
    • Ask the scheduler for his or her email so that you can send a follow-up reminder with your information and thank the scheduler for their time.
    • Ask the scheduler for his or her cell phone number in case of a change of plans. Send that number to Shannon & Mike Meroney.


    Sample call for scheduling a general appointment

    “Good morning, may I please speak with Senator Smith’s scheduler please?

    Hi, My name is John Doe and I’m an independent insurance agent from Dallas and a constituent of the senator. I’d like to schedule some time with Senator Smith, either at his Capitol or district office, to briefly discuss issues facing independent insurance agents. I’m happy to meet at his convenience.

    May I get your cell and/or email so that I can send you my information and a reminder? 

    Thank you for your time.”

    Sample call for scheduling an appointment for Day at the Capitol

    “Good morning, may I please speak with Senator Smith’s scheduler please?

    Hi, My name is John Doe and I’m an independent insurance agent from Dallas and a constituent of the senator. TAHU is holding its annual Day at the Capitol on (date) which includes visits with our legislators. I’d like to see if the senator can briefly meet with me between (give a window of time?) We’re also holding our legislative luncheon that day at (location) and would love for him to be my guest. (Provide additional information)

    May I get your email so that I can send you my information and a reminder?  Thank you for your time.”

    Meeting your legislator:

    • Be considerate, legislators have tight schedules. Begin on time and stick to the point.
    • Take “yes” for an answer.
    • Be informed. Speak in laymen’s terms when discussing insurance issues.
    • Be a resource. You are an expert in your field. Make sure your information on how a bill may impact you and your community is accurate and timely.
    • Be realistic. There is only so much that can be accomplished in one visit or even one legislative session.
    • Don’t be offended. Often a legislator has a last-minute schedule change which means a staff member may meet with you instead. This is not a bad thing. The staff runs the office and fields telephone calls. They are a valuable contact and should be regarded as such.
    • Thank all involved. Send a note thanking the legislator for his/her time.
    • Be back. Visit frequently. Don’t be afraid to call your legislator or their staff.
    • Take pictures and send them to [email protected] so we can post on social media. If you’re delivering a check, don’t hold the check up in the photo. If you have hold something with TAHU’s logo clearly on it or in some way show in the photo you’re doing this on behalf of TAHU, that is helpful.