TAHU Honorees

    TAHU Honorees Coporation

    The TAHU Honorees Corporation is a nonprofit 501c3 public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.  The specific and primary purposes for which this Corporation is formed include providing scholarships to college students as well as other designated charitable activities. This objective may be achieved through:

    • Pairing specific tuition needs from selected institutions with prospective recipients; 

    • Receiving, holding and disbursing contributions, gifts, grants, real and personal property, bequests, devises, and other funds for the above purposes;

    • Making, performing, and carrying out contracts of every kind for any lawful purpose, without limit as to the amount;

    • Assisting in the formation of additional scholarships as the interest in implementing such scholarships arises.

    • Assisting our members who are suffering or who may have incurred devastating losses as a result of natural disasters.

    Current Scholarships:

    Thanks to the following contributors who make up the TAHU Honorees Founder Club, the first 50 individual contributors making a minimum of $250 contribution and local chapters making a minimum of $500 contribution:


    Ron Graves 

    Bob Lay

    Kathy Rainwater 

    Kathy Greene

    Bobbie Payne 

    Gail Norris

    Darcey Newsum

    Dave Prewitt

    Sarah Canez

    RoseMary Deininger

    Sandy Johnson

    Wendy Vanderwater

    Linda New

    Ken Smith

    Hector Villareal

    Sandy Longacre

    Juanita King

    Sharon Alt

    Carolyn Goodwin

    Mark Kennedy

    Robert Desmond

    Mike Rivera

    Louanne Trebing

    Joanna Antongiovanni

    Eva Jean Fomalont 

    Ron Buffum

    Bob Campbell

    Laura Firestone

    Rand Wall

    Kathy Bailey

    Wesley Foster

    Ken Threlkeld

    Cherry Martin

    Bill Sutherland

    Briscoe Dunn

    Travis Middleton

    Corbin Cooke

    Mike McLaughlin

    Beth Ashmore

    Judy Scott

    Bobby Zesch

    Jim Smith

    Ben Keel

    Pat Martin

    John Welter

    John Edmonds

    Dave Fear

    Espy Mendoza

    John Nelson

    Mary Lou Hudman



    East Texas

    Fort Worth


    San Antonio