Key Contacts Program



    Do you know who your state Senator and Representative are? Do you know them personally? Do you want to? TAHU can help make that happen for you while you help support TAHU!


    State legislators are much more accessible than you might think. And the true power of any statewide association lies in its members. Constituents speak much louder than lobbyists.


    Sign up here to join TAHU’s Key Contact program as we ramp up for the next legislative session in January. The goal is to build a database of TAHU members who have or want to build a relationship with their local elected officials. These will prove to be CRUCIAL to us during the upcoming legislative session when we have key bills and issues up for a vote.

    If you already have a relationship, please join and let us know that. We welcome all comers and joining Key Contacts is a great way to get more involved with TAHU in a meaningful way. Then Watch your In Box for key messages we need your help in delivering to your elected officials!